Reasons to rent your furniture

If you are an Event Planner or simply a person who is organizing a special occasion, this is for you. We bring you a number of reasons why you should rent your furniture and not buy it.

  • Renting is cheaper than buying: yes. It sounds illogical, doesn’t it? But that’s how it is. When you buy a product you pay for the total price of this, whereas if you rent it you pay only a fee that the company you hire assigns. These fees are lower because they are lending you the furniture for a certain time, not forever.

  • You don’t know if you are going to use it again: when you buy a piece of furniture, even if it’s an Event Planner, you don’t know if you will ever use it again. Maybe later there is not a similar occasion, or take a long time to put it to use again. Also, until you use it, that real estate will be taking up space.

  • You avoid transportation: you get rid of having to find someone to carry your furniture.¬†You simply hire an agency that carries the furniture and they take them off when you tell them.

  • It’s fast: with the advancement of technology you can go to their website and see their catalog or call them. That way you avoid having to visit stores. One call or one click and you have the furniture you need for your special event.

Did we convince you? We imagine that yes. We are not saying that buying is bad, only that sometimes we have to sit down and think what would suit us more. We hope, with these 4 arguments, give your pocket a break.

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