Celebrate with photos

For special moments in which we must celebrate, it’s necessary to have special furniture. And more when everyone wants to take photos to publish on social media. So, this time we bring you some ideas to capture in all your photos.

Let’s start with the backgrounds. If you want something easy to do, but that really hits. This idea is for you. Balloons, black, golden and done. It’s easy but effective. And if you don’t want balloons, then eliminate them and you get something different. The idea without balloons may work best for your parties at night.

The parties can also be at home, but beach themed. Then, paint a canvas with the background of a beach, add a chair, an awning and you already have the house on the beach. Your guests will enjoy taking photos.

Maybe your style is more tropical. Use pineapples. Yes, pineapples. What is more tropical than that? In addition, you can give your guests some pineapples (real pineapples) to take some good photos. Maybe later they want to eat them. You can also use wood, add some flowers and you will also get that tropical style.

The signs with the name of the birthday girl, “welcome to my party”… They are classics. If you have always wanted to realize this idea, go ahead and do it. It never fails.

Another thing quite fashionable are the emojis. Since Whatsapp went live have had a great presence in the market. Now you can have them in your parties and in your photos. They are a great alternative for the party of the little ones and also of the more adults.

Combine crepe paper, flowers made with crepe paper and a lot of pink color. Surely you’ll have the perfect background for your daughter’s party and for your guests to have good photos.

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